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Lifeguard Laboratories is the only  
Veterinary laboratory in whole of  
India obtained a service  
accreditation through ISO  
Our services.

1. Analytical chemistry

  Finished Food- Lunch, Snacks etc.,Complete Feed- Animal, Poultry or Pet foods Packed Eatables-Spices, Confectioneries & Snacks Raw Feed materials –Grains and Grain byproducts-Flour, Bran, et Oils, Oil seeds and Seed Cakes,Soil, Mineral stones and Minerals, Sugars, Molassis, Honey and by products,Fruit, Pulps and Juices, Herbs, Extracts and Juices,Water and by products-Soft drinks Milk and milk products Meat and Egg products.
Tested for, Moisture,Adulterations PreservativesProximate Principles, Metabolizable energy, Mineral content, Vitamins, Toxicities Contaminations Ant nutritional factors

2. Testing of Drugs and Supplements

  Vitamins- Fat and Water soluble, Residues in Food- Drug, Poisons and Pesticides, Enzyme Analysis - Urease, Phytase, cellulase, Aminoacids - Lysine, Methionine, etc. Feed additives, Premixes and drugs Antibiotics & Anti infective, Antimycotics, - Anticoccidials-Maduramycine, Salinomycin others Antimycoplasmas –Tylosin, Thiamutins Antihelminths And other drugs, Growth promoters Disinfectants-Purity and contents

3. Food Testing

  Special packages for caterers- Packed food, Spices and snacks Juices, soft drinks and packed drinks Chocolates, other confectionaries Idli, Dosa mixes, Milk, Milk products- Ice creams, Cheese, Butter, Ghee other sweets Sugars and starches Eggs, Egg powder and by products Fish, dry fish and fishmeals Meat, Meat products Meat, Bone and their meals

4. Microbiological Testing

  Bacterial Isolation & Identification Culture and Antibiotic Sensitivity Antibiotic assays Water and Foods for contamination Count-Yeast,Lactobacillus,Fungal,Clostridial, Salmonella, otherPathogens, Vitamin assays Disinfectants assays Plant, Machinery, Hatchery Hygiene and Sanitation, Hatch sample screening,

5. Pathology & Clinical Chemistry

  Postmortems Histopathology Biopsy studies Cytology Histochemistry Triglycerides/Cholesterol Serum proteins/ Enzymes/Minerals Urine analysis Liver function test Pullorum test in Poultry RD titre in poultry Hatchery sanitation Complete haemogram Blood urea nitrogen Microscopy-Skin Scrapping/fecal samples/parasites) Semen analysis

6. Consultancy Services:

  Product development, Literature preparation, Designing and Packing, Preparation of project reports, Establishment of farms, Feed Formulations and Corrections, Sero-monitoring of Breeding Flocks Hygiene management and sanitation, Hygiene Management as per HACCP.

7. Tests for the Oil (Edible / NonEdible) :

1. Moisture Levels-Edible Oil/ NonEdible 2. Insoluble Impurities % 3. Colour on Lovibond Tintometer 
4. Refractive Index 5. Saponification Value 6. Iodine Value
7. Unsaponification Matter 8. Acid Value 9. Bellier’s Turbidity
10. Hydrocyanic Acid Test 11. Poly Bromide Test 12. Polenske Value
13. Flash Point-Edible Oil/NonEdible Oil 14. Acetyl Value 15. Detection of Mineral Oil
16. Detection of Argemone Oil 17.Detection of Castor Oil 18. Melting Point
19. Specific Gravity    

Note: Any other tests kindly specify along with your sample.


8. Testing by Serology

  Antibody-Antigen assay Agglutination, ELISA-Dot-Blot/Western Blot, PCR Methods, Testing of Vaccines for Potency Field trials Routine sero monitoring
In addition,
Other Parameters may be analyzed based on request and necessity.

9. Trials & Experiments

1. Drugs 2. Feed supplements 3. Vaccines 4. Disinfectants  
5 .Experiment models 6 .Lab/Farm level 7. Toxin Binders/Growth promoters  

10. Formulations

1. Drugs 2. Vaccines 3. Supplements 4. Sanitizers 5. Soaps & Shampoos

11. Training and projects:

Analytical Chemistry
  Food, Feed, Oils, and Oils seeds, Mineral, Water  
  Clinical, Industrial microbiology  
  Basic techniques  

12. Project Work:

1. For degree and Post graduate degrees 2. Biological 3 .Microbiological 4. Chemical
5 .Biotechnological 6 . Field projects 7. Data Collections  
Reference Table:
Water Standards
Microbial Limitations in Foods
Food Standards
Standard Feed Data
Hematological Data of Animals
Biochemical Data of Animals
 Please click here for the detailed chart or table
Testing Procedures:
USPharmacopiea National Formulary,
Indian Pharmacopoeia,
British Pharmacopoeia,
PFA1954/55, DCA1940, Etc.,
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